Attitude to woman: what does Islam say?

An explanation of domestic violence from the point of view of Islam and traditions was provided to us by Farrukh Khayrulloev, an expert on the prevention of domestic violence, Ph.D. in law, and an expert in Islamic law.

F. Khayrulloev mentioned three important social values in Islam: the first is security (personal, public, state), the second is science and education, and the third is conflict resolution. These are social values in importance that are superior to personal values. Prayer, hajj, fasting, zakot (charitable payments) are the personal values of a Muslim.

According to Farrukh Khayrulloev, Islam came specifically to protect the women rights, and that the Koran has become one of the tools to prevent domestic violence. F. Khayrulloyev quotes an excerpt from the Koran in the translation: “Women have the same rights in relation to husbands as duties, according to Sharia and reason ...” (Quran, 2: 228). The expert notes that according to the Qur'an, men and women are equal in their rights to life, health, honor and dignity, property, personal integrity, marriage, in general the right to security, are free to think, even to freedom of religion, etc.

A woman has the right to demand from a man the following: providing her with food, clothing and housing, a good attitude in words, intentions and deeds (transmitted by Abu Dawood)

The man in the Qur'an is called the main one in the family, since more responsibilities are assigned to him than to the woman. But this doesn’t mean that a woman cannot freely dispose of her property or that she can interfere with her will. Her personality is protected, her will is free.

The Quran says: “ The believers, both men and women, they are guardians, confidants, and helpers of one another (Quran, 9:71). In this provision, the responsibilities of the spouses are fixed, which are exactly the same

.F. Khayrulloev emphasizes the importance of social work for Muslims, regardless of gender: “The Qur'an says the following:“ Work, and Allah, His Messenger and believers will see your deeds ”(Qur'an, 9: 105). This ayah obliges (not offer, namely obliges) everyone, both a man and a woman, to work, and this means social work, not domestic work. It’s that work that will see the society, not relatives. To fulfill this duty, men and women are equal, any attempt to violate the law of universal equality and to put oneself above another is considered a violation of God's law.

Therefore, men should understand that a Muslim woman who is a believer, in order to perform her duty, must have a profession, the occupation of which not contradict the Islamic canons and which allows the woman to be in society, since her occupation should be publicly useful, which can be seen.

”Often, saying that a woman can and should be beaten, they make reference to the fact that even the prophet Muhammad beat his wife. Is it true?

- The Prophet Muhammad didn’t beat his wives. In hadiths of Prophet Muhammad you can see the opposite situation: the prophet painfully reacted to cases when someone beat his wife, for example: “The sin of whose who limit on food” is immeasurable (narrated by Abu Daoud) or “Don't pinch in her face, and don't insult her, and don't turn out her from the house” (narrated by Abu Daoud) or “How can one of you beat your wife like a slave and then have intimate relation with her end of the day ?! ” (Narrated by al-Bukhari), etc.

This attitude of the Prophet Muhammad to the beating of wives is not accidental, because, in the Qur'an, a believing man is prescribed a good attitude towards a woman, for example: “O those who believe! Treat your wives with dignity. For if you dislike them - perhaps you dislike a thing and Allah makes therein much good.(Quran, 4:19)

According to F. Khayrulloev, the stereotypes that exist in Tajik society haven't quranic and scientific justification, therefore their observance is ignorance and a crime: “Allah doesn't like criminals” (Quran, 2: 190).

Expert believes that ignorance is the main cause of violence against girls and women including regards rights and obligations both of men and women. Another important reason he calls the spread of stereotypes at the level of public consciousness and life, giving them the appropriate strength and authority in society.

“If you notice, today women are inactive in their own education, and in this case, women are guilty of committing violence against girls and women. Unfortunately, there are men in our society, and there are many of them who don’t want to see educated women near them. Why? Because educated woman requires decent attitude to herself. Such a state of affairs doesn’t suit these men, because in this case they will have to make every effort to treat the woman with dignity,” - said Farrukh.

While analyzing the economic rights of women spelled out in the Qur'an, the expert noted that women in Islam have all economic rights, without exception, that men have. A woman can own any property not prohibited by law, a house, an enterprise, stocks, a sales outlet, accept an inheritance, give, receive gifts, engage in any activity not prohibited by Islam, including business. Violence against women by her husband’s relatives has nothing to do with Islamic values- said Farrukh.